Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Song In My Heart

Hey Music Connoisseurs,

I have a favor to ask of you…Can you help us figure out a great “soundtrack” for our adoption slide show?

As I've written before, a bit (and rather uncomfortable part) of the process in domestic open adoption is “marketing” ourselves to prospective birthmothers. We’ve already got a web site. Now we’d like to try to make a video slide show to post on YouTube and elsewhere. It will feature photos of us, some of our adventures, family and friends, etc.

Of course, a big part of what makes such slide shows attractive is the soundtrack. We’re stumped, and would be grateful for any suggestions you might have!

We’d like to find something that is upbeat, has broad appeal - especially to young women, and that conveys in some subtle way that we are caring people who will not only love this child, but its birthfamily as well. (I’ve been inspired in this project by one of my new internet buddies who's given me permission to link to their adoption video. It features the Plain White T’s’ 1-2-3, which works really well, in my opinion.)

Any guidance you can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks for your help!!

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Leigh said...

Hi Kristin - my advice would be to pick a favorite song that's representative of YOU two. Everyone has such different taste that I think you should just be yourselves. The right birthmom for you will fall in love with who you two are, not who you're trying to be.

That said, no, it probably shouldn't be Pour Some Sugar On Me or something that you can see going along with a stripper pole, but otherwise you should be fine!!!

...but...this just popped into my head for some reason: