Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the World!

Introducing my niece, born on May 4, 2009.

Dear DJ,

Precious one, it is difficult for me to grasp that together, through their love, your mommy and daddy created you - a whole new, healthy human being. For nine months, your mother nurtured and cared for you in her own body, and then your birth was celebrated with great joy all across the country.

Now you are so small and vulnerable (and cute!); it is relatively easy to accommodate your every need. As you grow, your needs will become more complex. But there will forever be a warm circle of loved ones protecting and supporting you. I hope that you will always have a deep and abiding sense that you are loved.

Your family has all kinds of dreams and aspirations for you. Our deepest is that you will find your own happiness.Whomever you are, whomever you become, you will forever be a shining star in our eyes and in our hearts.

I can't wait to meet you!

With adoration,
Auntie K


Rebecca said...

Congratulations Auntie Kristin!

Julie Trevelyan said...

Hey, what a cutie indeed. How wonderful to have such a loving auntie right off the bat!

Love the blog, btw. Sometime on my own blog it seems as if I'm talking into a void...until that one person makes a comment and I realize that some people are reading me! So write on, Kristin. :)

Ken said...

Thanks Knuck! It's beautiful.