Friday, October 21, 2011

So, So Much

Judging from the frequency of my posts of late, one might guess that not much is going on and I have little to say. Au contraire! Things have been jumping over here, and there is a great deal I'd like to share!!

  • D's second birthday festivities.
  • All of the amazing new things he's learning and doing...and so many of the cute, sweet things he's already outgrown.

  • Our boy's excellent adjustment to daycare.

  • The ups and downs of a friend's recent match and placement that has got me thinking a lot about the losses and gains, disappointments and hopes inherent in adoption.

  • Some really great posts on other blogs I feel anyone interested in open adoption should read.

  • And perhaps most important: our reconnection with V!!

Those are just some of the things I want to write about. Alas, I continue to lack time and focus. So, I'll just throw up a few photos of our big boy enjoying a trip to the "pumpkin patch" with his beloved Grandmom.

I hope to be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Love, love that last picture especially of a happy little boy and his dad.

thanksgivingmom said...

Oh my goodness he's such a grown little boy!!! Still beautiful as ever, but just so much more grown up than when I got to meet him!!!!