Monday, June 7, 2010


Really?? I haven't written in over a month?! Oy! Well, there has been a lot going on in our lives - mostly good, a little bad - in the last few weeks.

Our biggest and best news is that the date that Dylan's adoption will be finalized has been set! We've got an appointment at the court on Friday morning, July 9th (the date that Dylan will also turn nine months old). Our appearance before the judge will only last a few minutes and then we'll go out for a celebratory brunch with a few family members and friends.

The last couple of weeks has been really busy with work for both of us. M secured a couple of new clients and I was focused on end-of-the-year school activities. We've also had two very nice visits from M's college friends and their families. It was a lot of fun to catch up with them, introduce them to our son, show them our "new" house, and take them on hikes in our hills.

Plus, we went to court three times to submit finalization paperwork (our county lost documents twice), plus four more times attempting to secure the decree necessary to get Dylan's passport and twice to the Federal Building across town to receive said passport. Added to all that, we had a minor traffic accident. We were not at fault and the woman running the light has insurance, the car is still (kind of) drivable, and most important, no one was hurt. (Dylan wasn't with us, thankfully! It was on a rare "date night.") But, it's been more hassle to have to deal with during an already very busy and stressful time.

The other not-so-good news is that my boss has let me know that she needs me to return to work full-time beginning in mid-August. I attempted to negotiate some other options, including job sharing, with no success. So now we need to figure out our childcare options. Fortunately, at this point, M can continue to look after Dylan two days a week and the boy has a wonderful time one day a week with his Grandmom. However, I will really miss my time with him.

Needless to say, with all of this going on, I can't help but feel our son's been a little neglected and that we all could use a vacation...(note cliffhanger)

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Tepary said...

I felt so much guilt when our daughter went to part-time daycare at 6 months. Then when she was 2 years we had the chance to live in Italy for 6 months and I became a WAHMWNS (Work At Home Mom Who Never Sleeps)and oh the guilt I felt about her not being in preschool and the lack of interaction. A good daycare, preschool really can be a fabulous thing for kids. I still wish I could be with my daughter more than I am mind.