Saturday, October 17, 2009

Darling Dylan Update

Thanks so much for all of the congrutulations and good wishes!

Dylan has now spent his first week in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), continues to improve. He’s graduated from a feeding tube to drinking vigorously from his own bottle and surpassed his birth weight a few days ago. There are no further sign of jaundice (he had to be under “the lights” for about 18 hours), and the infection we initially worried about appears to be gone, though we must conclude a full course of antibiotics. Yesterday, we even held him for quite awhile without any oxygen supplementation. It was so wonderful to be able to kiss his little face without any tubes in the way!

We think he is eager to come home. (We know we are!) Unfortunately, at this point we are guesstimating we’ll be here through Thursday since our rather tight-lipped pediatrician has said “middle of next week” and adoption relinquishment papers may be signed by then. We continue to admire V., his birth mom, who we now feel is part of our family too.

Who would’ve guessed we’d get to know this small city so well? We are extremely grateful to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House here. Not only are we saving a lot, but the staff and volunteers here are so warm, supportive, and accommodating. It is definitely making our extended stay more manageable.

Your continued interest in and support of our little family means the world to us.


Ginger said...

I hope he continues to improve and that you get to take him home soon. You're in my thoughts.

Bobby said...

So glad he's doing well. Enjoy it--it goes SO fast!

Leigh said...

He's so cute! Give him lots and lots of never feels like enough, does it? :)

Thanksgivingmom said...

He's so precious!!!

Keeping you, your family, and V in my thoughts!

LauraJean said...

Contrats, K&M!!
I know that this has been long in coming, but oh, so worth it! Hugs to all of you!!!