Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

Urgent maintenance and repairs have been made, the gas tank has been filled, and the Subaru is packed to bursting. In it, we've got a car seat (still too superstitious to take it out of the box). We've got a Moses Basket that could cradle a little one for several days if we need to be in a hotel with the little guy while V. is still in the hospital recovering from her c-section. Filling it are some tiny adorable outfits, a few of which V. gave US at our match meeting, and a few of which our friends Marc and Jennifer gave us when they came over on Saturday with lots of wonderful hand-me-downs from their two wonderful boys. (THANK YOU!)

The baby's room now has a dresser ready to become a changer (a $250 Heywood-Wakefield sideboard steal!) and the rocker M. gave me for my birthday. The cat box and all of the artwork we still haven't hung since moving in in January are out and Marc and Jennifer's co-sleeper is in, ready to move to our bedroom when the time is right.

My wonderful friend and colleague Lisa couldn't resist plying us with a few useful baby items. (THANK YOU!) They and the few other things we've collected have been washed in sensitive skin detergent, folded and placed in the drawers. I've made some extra room in "my" closet in the room.

Lisa's got a key to the house and instructions to contact the former student with whom we've arranged to house and cat sit when the time is right. We're giving the cat lots of attention in preparation for being gone for awhile.

All of our electronic helpers (hassles?) are charged and ready to go: the cell phones, the cameras, the lap top. We have lists of family, friends, and colleagues - updated by my helpful sister-in-law (THANK YOU!) - ready to notify whenever there is news.

M. keeping the garden well quenched. The house is clean, and we're even keeping on top of the dishes, laundry, and bill paying.

A small, sentimental gift for V. has been ordered; I give it a 50/50 chance of arriving before we have to head out.

We're working late and hard to get on top of our professional responsibilities as much as possible. I've contacted my HR department and filled out my request for a leave of absence. I know who to call when there is a "life changing event" and we need to add a "dependent" to our insurance.

We've got a map of V.'s home town and know where the hospital is, the pro's and con's of various hotels in the area, where the Target and Traders Joe's are, and have even printed a (short) list of recommended restaurants from ChowHound.com.

We've canceled any upcoming plans to be more than a half-hour apart or further from home in the next few days. We've got lists prepped to remind us to lock the doors, set the AC, and bring the cat in if we need reminding in a state of panic.

But are we ready??? H-e-double-hockey-sticks NO!!


Leigh said...

THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I couldn't be happier for you, I can't wait to hear more!

Amy said...

You sound so on top of things. If it was me, my house would resemble the "I Love Lucy" scene when she went into labor with little Ricky!

Bobby said...

Of course not! We checked checked and triple checked everything and still had drama! Look at my posts in April of 2009 if you want to see what "prepared" looks like once you're on the highway! Here's hoping for an uneventful trip! (Luckily I see you scoped out the local Target...I don't know how we would be able to parent a child without that store! When the NICU called and said we could come get our daughter did we rush to the hospital to bring her home? Yes, but we stopped at Target first...LOL)

Thanksgivingmom said...

Haha, I LOVE that you've mapped out the closest Target and Trader Joe's! A girl after my own heart!!!

Lisa said...

I hope that it happens soon and V is in good shape. It is one of the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced. We however, we able to be super calm as J lives only 45 minutes away and delivered 2.5 miles from our house and only stayed about 22 hours. After all you've had to think about sounds like we were pretty lucky! Best wishes!
Lisa T. (Babyville)